About the company

At Brandmix our key strengths and core values are our personalized service, open communication, teamwork and impeccable service delivery
The printers offer unrivaled versatility and high-quality U.V print reproduction on most materials, products, and substrates.

Our print solutions include digital-printing (large and grand-format)
Roll-Up Banners, decals, exhibition branding, fabric prints, floor graphics, lifestyle graphics, promotional branding, retail branding Sign Boards, Posters, Labels, Canvas Prints, Wallpaper, Wall-art, Vehicle branding, Window Signage and various advertising and promotional media can be tackled by our Large format printers whether it be a single print or multiple.

Better and Faster Quality

With exceptional quality and high speed our printers continue printing through the night ensuring your tight deadlines can be met.

Our flatbed printers are tailored for small to medium enterprises, to meet high production speed and precision printing.

Our passion for printing will ensure that your branding and designs come to life.

Our technologically sophisticated digital printing services are seldom matched by other printing companies.